Boi Tran’s pictorial work presents profound originality: it is part of an isolated approach, removed from the dominant schools; it expresses the search for universal humanism deeply rooted in a characteristically Vietnamese sensitivity.

Boi Tran’s paintings and lacquers fit neither into the line of the School of Fine Arts in Hanoi, nor into a hypothetical school of the South that might be named “the Gia Dinh school”...


Elegant Lady | Artist Boi Tran (Vietnamese, B. 1957) | oil on canvas | 80 x 160 cm




One often forgets the immediate context of a work of art. Certainly the context of its creation, of its "invention" by an artist, of its insertion in a "school" or a "flow", are often invoked or even developed. But, finally, perhaps in art the artist is of least importance because his destiny, sculpted by others, free or constrained, escapes him. Perhaps also, accordingly, is that the collection, this social link between the artist and his milieu, constitutes the most important evidence of art...