Boi Tran knows that passion, this peppery spice of time, reveals the flavours of life but that the suffering which it engenders offers more slumber without night than nights without sleep. She lives and paints in her magic garden nestled on Thien An Hill in Hue, proud but comforting, where the wind frightens the centuries old pine trees, and the bashful, even prudish, flowers triumph over the rain. A place where Time's machine, this thief of joys, arrests itself... from time to time for the greatest happiness of the visitor.

There is no history without a place.
There are places without measure and histories beyond all time.
Elegant moments and secret places.
Patches of eternity and jolted thoughts.

To verify this, one must know Boi Tran.

Jean-François Hubert
Christie's Senior Expert, Vietnamese Art

Anthony Bourdain Note

Boi Tran is a painter and something of a throwback, an anomaly, a creature from another, earlier time in the life of the onetime Imperial City. She lives in an area called Thien An Hill, in a magnificently restored compound. These traditional wooden houses were once part of the regal style, with sloped grooves to handle the rainy Hue weather. But most importantly, she features a garden at the center which follows the eastern philosophy that all things originate from a single source and expand in all directions.

Anthony Bourdain
American Celebrity Chef, Author, Travel Documentarian

Amongst various subjects expressed in Boi Tran’s creation and passion for art, her favourite interpretation is depictions of the feminine beauty of Vietnamese women, the pure maternity, and poetic nature. Maternity, as always, is the most sacred bond compared to any other human sentiment because of its intenseness and profundity. Deeply rooted in the dearest son's passing, her paintings illustrate the sorrow of losses. One could easily find images such as a mother dearly holding a child in her arms, a woman standing by the ocean desperately waiting for a miracle, or signs of her son to come home or, in some other pieces are the images of a woman looking up to the sky with her hands drawn together as if she is praying for the day of reunion with her child. Completely carried away in her world where sadness, solitude, and reminiscences of the old happy-together days' reign. The facial expression, however, especially her eyes is so radiant with love and faith. Perhaps, when people are taken to the lowest point of desperation, they will learn to realize the beauty from within desperation itself that helps compliment the other extreme of human emotions.

As mentioned, nature is another main source of inspiration for artist Boi Tran’s works. Currently residing on Thien An Hill – one of the most beautiful landmarks of Hue where it is known for endless rows of evergreen trees – Boi Tran, with a sensible heart and gifted talent of an artist, fully perceives the artistic and literary beauty of nature that comes right out from her magnificent garden and then conveys that beauty most aesthetically to her works. Lotus and Hoa Quynh (a white orchid that only blossoms when the night falls and fades away when the sun rises) in her art are considered as the two most fundamental principles of life: the highest purity and the uncertainty.

Nguyen Trung
Vietnamese Contemporary Artist