Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown follows host Anthony Bourdain, world-renowned chef, bestselling author and multiple-Emmy® winning television personality—as he travels across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and celebrate diverse cultures by exploring food and dining rituals.

In this episode of Parts Unknown, Tony returns to one of his favourite places on Earth, Vietnam. For this trip, he journeys to the center of the country, near the coast, to a city he has never been to, Huế, The City of Ghosts. It has long been the epicentre for intellectuals, scholars, artists, writers, musicians, religious life, and famously, the culinary heart of the country.

Boi Tran is a painter and something of a throwback, an anomaly, a creature from another, earlier time in the life of the onetime Imperial City. She lives in an area called Thien An Hill, in a magnificently restored compound. These traditional wooden houses were once part of the regal style, with sloped grooves to handle the rainy Hue weather. But most importantly, she features a garden at the center which follows the eastern philosophy that all things originate from a single source and expand in all directions.

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