An early evening panel discussion on Incubating Culture in Vietnam and Hue’s Rebirth as Vietnam’s Center of Art and Heritage as well as announcing new cooperation with Fulbright University Vietnam and the Hue Provincial Government. As part of Fulbright University’s curriculum, Professor Thomas J. Vallely (Senior Advisor for Mainland Southeast Asia at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, established the Fulbright School in Ho Chi Minh City in 1994, the school is now part of Fulbright University Vietnam, current Chairman of Governing Board of Fulbright University Vietnam and director of the Harvard Myanmar Program) and the delegation are hoping to offer a semester in Hue for those students who are majoring in Vietnamese Studies and Art.

Following the discussion, guests are invited to dinner with our special scholar - Professor Douglas Elmendorf, Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School. The Kennedy School is one of Fulbright University’s academic partners and they are exploring deepening its connection to Hue’s public policy challenges.

Being aware of the opportunity we have with Hue’s recent designation as a Heritage City. This designation alone does not ensure success unless it is combined with the vibrant cultural communities in Vietnam and in Hue that are transcending old models of cultural preservation and enhancement. This new partnership with the Central Government will accelerate Hue into the cultural and historical frontier.

With Prof. Prof. Ian Bickford - Fulbright University Provost
Cultural sharing at the hall
Panel Discussion, Artist Boi Tran, Professor Thomas J. Vallely (Vietnam & Myanmar Programs | Ash Center| Harvard Kennedy School), Professor Douglas Elmendorf (Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School) (Right to left)