President Zhang Zhi Yong, Shanghai Pujiang Southeast Asia Culture and Art Exchange Center Celebrates Artist Boi Tran’s Solo Exhibition: The Watchful Dream

President Zhang Zhi Yong, Shanghai Pujiang Southeast Asia Culture and Art Exchange Celebrates Artist Boi Tran’s Solo Exhibition: The Watchful Dream

Mr Zhang Zhi Yong — President of Shanghai Pujiang Southeast Asia Culture and Art Exchange Center, and Mrs Zhang Jing celebrate Artist Boi Tran Solo Exhibition: The Watchful Dream, 2017. Mr Zhang Zhi Yong Art Collection includes Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu, Nguyen Trung, Boi Tran and others. “Nguyen Trung Works” launched on 26 December 2020 is one of Mr Zhang’s Vietnamese Artbooks.

President Zhang Zhi Yong and Boi Tran, Boi Tran Garden, 2017
Mrs Zhang Jing, Boi Tran, Mr Zhang Zhi Yong (left to right), Boi Tran Garden, 2017
Thuc-Doan / Bem, Mr Louis Hoang, Mrs Zhang Jing, Khanh-An, Mr Zhang Zhi Yong, Boi Tran Garden, 2017

On 1-6 November 2021, China Foreign Relations Association and other organizations related cooperated to hold an international exhibition “Bringing The World Together – Quintessence Sharing” in Shanghai.

The exhibition displays 46 artworks executed by 18 artists from countries and regions along China’s Project known as “One Belt, One Road,” such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and South Africa. Some leading Vietnamese artists include Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu, and Nguyen Trung. “Flower Arrangement” by Le Pho was selected to be exceptional work at the exhibition. Organized on the first floor of Magnolia Plaza, the tallest commercial building in Puxi, Shanghai, the first time experiment has brought the excellent artworks we see only on display in the “Art Ivory Tower”, now integrated into the sizeable space of the ordinary, which enables this elegance to the daily life easily.

At the International Art Forum took place on the first day of the exhibition, organizers invited Mr Zhang Zhi Yong, President of Shanghai Pujiang Southeast Asia Arts & Culture Exchange Center, to introduce Southeast Asian Art with Vietnam and Myanmar images, acted as a representative, for more than 50 government leaders, representatives of Chinese and overseas artists and art lovers. Primarily, he focused on introducing the style and characteristics of the artworks of Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu, and Nguyen Trung, as well as their achievements and noble positions in the Vietnamese and international art world. The attendees highly appreciated this.

“Nguyen Trung Works” was published on the occasion of the artist’s 80 years of age and released on December 26, 2020, in Shanghai. The book collected 115 works that Nguyen Trung created from 1970 to 2018 (over half a century), along with stories about the artist from experts and collectors. In the last pages, there are also 15 interview questions about his life, profession, and views since he began his career in art (a 60 years path of art). Nguyen Trung Works” is the first book in China which fully introduced the comprehensive and systematic work of painter Nguyen Trung, the “father of Vietnamese abstract art”. This book is the work of 5 years of research and synthesis of Nguyen Trung’s results from different countries in Vietnam, Myanmar, China, France and the USA by Shanghai Southeast Asian Art Center. This is a masterpiece that encapsulates the quintessence of Nguyen Trung’s art. The book includes 115 works depicted by the artist between 1970 and 2018 (in half a decade), with flashbacks about the artist from collectors and experts. At the end of the book, there are also 15 questions to interview Nguyen Trung about aspects of life, his career and the world of painting from the beginning to the present (a journey that has been more than 60 years).

Source Vietnam Art Magazine