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Boi Tran Garden (formerly Boi Tran Art Gallery) is a privately owned exquisite international compound for art, antiques, Hue culinary culture, and traditional wooden architecture. Nestled on Thien An Hill, proud but comforting, where the wind frightens the centuries old pine trees, and the bashful, even prudish, flowers triumph over the rain, a place some leading Vietnamese artists’ masterpieces such as Victor Tardieu, Vu Cao DamTran Quang Tran (Ngym), To Ngoc Van, Hoang Tich Chu, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Tran Dong Luong, Ton That Dao, Nguyen Tien Chung, Nguyen Do Cung, Bui Xuan Phai, Diep Minh Chau, Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Trung, and others housed in a more than 100-year-old mansion blended with French Indochina influences. 

Founded in 1995, Boi Tran Garden has a heritage and reputation for connoisseurship and exclusive bespoke service for buying and selling art, as well as offers an inviting experience for Hue traditional fine cuisine and history-related stories. Amongst many dignitaries who have graced Boi Tran Garden is Anthony Bourdain who featured Boi Tran and her royal courses in Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown aired on CNN in 2014.


To the best of my ability as an artist, I’d like to express my greatest gratitude for what life has graciously offered me over time. The generosity I am granted and thus being thankful for might very well be as simple, yet full of blessings, as a prayer to our sacred Mother, unconditional maternity, or the graceful beauty of nature such as the first day-breaking sunrays or residual dew of the night. I treasure these precious moments like the miracles joyfully lighting up my life.

Boi Tran

Boi Tran


Artist, Founder, General Manager

Born in Hue, Vietnam, Boi Tran is a member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association. Since 1996, she has participated in several exhibitions in Hue and also had her works displayed in private collections locally and internationally. Boi Tran excels in oil and lacquer paintings and her works often portray Vietnamese women, maternity, nature, and religion.

Boi Tran — the only female Vietnamese artist has her paintings exhibited and sold in Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Bonhams auction houses.

Chau M L


Senior Consultant

Based in the United States, Minh Chau hails from a family of art enthusiasts in Hue. She was the owner of Minh Chau Art Gallery, located in Ly Dao Thanh Street, Hanoi circa 2000. The gallery returned to her roots with redecoration in traditional architectural styles. Minh Chau has been collecting paintings for more than a dozen years and her collection includes Nguyen Gia Tri, Tran Van Can, Bui Xuan Phai, Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Trung, Dinh Cuong, Sy Ngoc, Tran Luu Hau, Diep Minh Chau, Boi Tran, and others.


Deputy Manager

Bachelor of International Business Administration, Thuc Doan has been a specialist and manager with invaluable experience in promoting Vietnam culture & heritage through an intersection of art & antique collection, Hue culinary culture & centuries-old architecture at Boi Tran Garden since 2011 and as an independent consultant with expertise in the development of private Vietnamese art collections, offering curatorial, consultancy and market intelligence services for art collectors, buyers and consignors and serves as Vietnamese Topics Advisor, Translator, Interpreter providing reference catalogue, scholarly translated articles and insightful information for Christie’s.
Journal of High Technology Management Research issued by Elsevier in 2018 is also one of Thuc-Doan's publications as a Scopus author.