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Boi Tran Garden (formerly Boi Tran Art Gallery) has a heritage and reputation for connoisseurship and exclusive bespoke services for buying and selling art and antiques. Nestled on Thien An Hill, proud but comforting, where the wind frightens the centuries-old pine trees, and the bashful, even prudish, flowers triumph over the rain, a place some leading Vietnamese artists’ masterpieces such as Victor Tardieu, Vu Cao DamTran Quang Tran (Ngym), To Ngoc Van, Hoang Tich Chu, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Tran Dong Luong, Ton That Dao, Nguyen Tien Chung, Nguyen Do Cung, Bui Xuan Phai, Diep Minh Chau, Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Trung, and others housed in a more than 100-year-old mansion blended with French Indochina influences.

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