There is no place without a history, there is no history without a place. There are places without measure, and histories beyond all the time. Elegant moments and secret places. Patches of eternity and jolted thoughts.

To verify this, one must know Boi Tran


Ladies By The Lake | Artist Boi Tran (Vietnamese, B. 1957) | lacquer on panel (tetratych) | each: 160 x 80 cm | overall: 160 x 320 cm


Boi Tran’s pictorial work presents profound originality: it is part of an isolated approach, removed from the dominant schools; it expresses the search for universal humanism deeply rooted in a characteristically Vietnamese sensitivity...


Boi Tran extolled a quest for the absolute of which she was the medium: mourning, solitude, material hardship – which she was more than touched by – must be sublimated in order to be transcended. And going beyond reality must begin by outreaching oneself...


The kitchen's creations are heavily influenced by arts (in particular, contemporary arts and fine arts), and the dining space is made up of elegant room that is adorned with high-quality contemporary artworks. Boi Tran Garden weaves a range of narratives...


Dreaming | Artist Boi Tran (Vietnamese, B. 1957) | lacquer on panel | 80 x 160 cm



"Boi Tran is a painter and something of a throwback, an anomaly, a creature from another, earlier time in the life of the onetime Imperial City". She lives in an area called Thien An Hill, in a magnificently restored compound. These traditional wooden houses were once part of the regal style, with sloped grooves to handle the rainy Hue weather. But most importantly, they feature a garden at the center which follows the eastern philosophy that all things originate from a single source, and expand in all directions. Since the loss of her beloved son, she's lived here, surrounded by her garden, and her art..."

Anthony Bourdain


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