Anne-Solenne Hatte and “La Cuisine De Bà”  or “Tasting Vietnam”

Anne-Solenne Hatte and “La Cuisine De Bà” or “Tasting Vietnam”

Anne-Solenne Hatte
Eurasian Model, Actress

What a pure bliss seeing my second family in Hue. Not only Boi Tran is a dedicated artist, but also a woman of love.
Thank you sister Thuc Doan / Bem for the precious time.

Anne-Solenne Hatte, known as a model, film actress and writer of French and Vietnamese origins, first discovered by French Photographer Jean-Baptiste Huynh, she appears in advertising for Cartier, Biotherm, Levis, and enrolled in Paris V and the Sorbonne University while she still worked as an actress and model. Her career began with the channel Canal+, which opened the gate for television. Later on, in seeking to better understand her Eurasian identity turned to her grandmother “Bà” who fled Vietnam War to learn more about her grandmother’s wartime experiences, exile and Vietnamese home cooking. Published by Ducasse Edition and Rizzoli of Alain Ducasse — a celebrated French chef and author of many cookbooks and held 21 Michelin Stars in 2012, Tasting Vietnam / La Cuisine De Bà is beautifully designed guide to home recipes and food to explore the vibrant, fresh flavors of a Vietnamese cuisine.

This beautifully designed guide to Vietnamese home cooking and comfort food goes beyond restaurant fare to explore the vibrant, fresh flavours of a cuisine whose popularity is rising rapidly.

La Cuisine De Bà
Tasting Vietnam: Flavors And Memories From My Grandmother’s Kitchen

Anne-Solenne Hatte presents the mouthwatering recipes for traditional Vietnamese home cooking collected by Bà, her maternal grandmother. This book is a homage to Vietnamese cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh ingredients, bright flavour combinations, zesty sauces, and a reputation for healthfulness with vegetables and salads at centre stage.

Anne-Solenne Hatte and Celebrated French Chef Alain Ducasse (left to right)

These family recipes withstood the test of time—and exile. Staying true to her culinary heritage, Bà learned to work around unavailable items and adapt to new ingredients. These expertly detailed yet accessible recipes are intertwined with the story of Bà’s event-filled life and memories of home.

Anne-Solenne Hatte and Production Crew

After exploring the cuisine’s base recipes and “mother” sauces, the book explores dishes organized by region. Included are classic variations of pho, quick pickled vegetables, robust salads, grilled and stir-fried meats, and fusion dishes like trendy banh mi sandwiches.

Anne-Solenne Hatte and Artist Boi Tran preparing the course
Anne-Solenne Hatte’s wordings to Artist Boi Tran and Thuc Doan (Bem)

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