Luu Cong Nhan: Endless Memoirs

Luu Cong Nhan: Endless Memoirs

Luu Cong Nhan (Vietnamese, 1931-2007)

Born in the Vinh Phu province, Luu Cong Nhan (Vietnamese, 1931-2007) graduated from the Fine Arts College of Vietnam. He joins the classes during the Resistance War from 1950 – 1953. A profile artist, gifted and creative, he changes his style to suit the different mediums.

Boi Tran Garden is honoured to present the publication of Luu Cong Nhan’s work with his inscription inside, which was gifted to Boi Tran and Minh Chau circa 1994.

Luu Cong Nhan’s Publication on the occasion of his solo exhibition hosted by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association in 1991.
Luu Cong Nhan’s Handwriting.

Dearly gifted to Ms Boi Tran and Chau
a fond memory 
Luu Cong Nhan 

Thân tặng chị Bội Trân và cháu Châu
một chút kỉ niệm
Lưu Công Nhân

Luu Cong Nhan — Vietnamese Painter (1930-2007) and Boi Tran at Boi Tran Art Gallery, Tran Hung Dao Street, Hue, Vietnam, circa 1994.

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